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22 April, 2022

How to choose the best whisky for each occasion

How to choose the best whisky for each occasion

From scotch, to bourbon, to Japanese whisky, the world of whisky is filled with an abundance of choices. This can make selecting the whisky for a special occasion a daunting and difficult task. 

A great way to decide which whisky to serve at an event or gathering is to consider the time of year and flavours associated with it. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal whisky for every special occasion.

The Holiday season

Whether it takes place in summer or winter, spices are what comes to mind when you think of the holiday season. Consider a whisky with undertones of allspice, cinnamon, or nutmeg. You might want to opt for a more ‘traditional’ whisky, most likely one made from malted barley or rye.

Summer celebrations

To help combat the summer heat, choose light, flavoursome whisky that goes well with ice or in cocktails. Hints of flavoursome fruits such as apples, pears, or grapes are ideal for creating that summer feel. 

Autumn Occasions

When you think of Autumn, you’re usually reminded of the scent of bark and falling leaves. Consider choosing a whisky with undertones of oak, or spices such as cinnamon. Opt for scotch rather than bourbon, japanese whisky, or canadian whisky, as it offers a smokier flavour, perfect for chilly Autumn evenings.


Similar to the holiday season, Winter calls for a whisky with smoky undertones and hints of spices or fruits. Scotch whisky is a great choice during harsh Winter weather, as it often has an earthy or mellow flavour. As ageing affects the flavour of alcohol, opting for an older whisky will give you a more robust flavour, perfect for the winter season.

Spring gatherings

While many kinds of whisky are on the strong side, spring is the perfect time to bring out the sweeter, lighter types, often with fruity or floral undertones. Japanese whisky is an excellent option in Spring, as it is lighter, paler, and more refreshing. Depending on the type and brand of Japanese whisky, your drink may contain floral or fruity flavours with hints of citrus, berries, or vanilla.